Acme Studios — #21 Isabel Kang, Associate Studio Programme

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#21 Isabel Kang, Associate Studio Programme

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“This kind of opportunity is invaluable for artists just beginning their career, especially because of how difficult and coded it can be entering the fine art world.”

Isabel Kang’s artistic practice revolves around drawing and sculpture. Themes of personal relationship to place and history explored through a pyschogeographic lens are ever present, as well as a focus on tactically and texture.

Isabel is one of 25 artists selected from the Associate Studio Programme. Developed in 2010 out of a partnership between Acme and Double agents, a research project based at Central Saint Martins, the Associate Studio Programme provides low-cost professional space for graduates from University of the Arts BA Fine Art course for 2 years and a programme of studio visits by artists, curators, writers and peers.

“The Associate Studio Programme is a space which allows me to grow as an artist by having the freedom to explore my ideas in a suitable studio setting and carry on the practice which I established during my degree. The studio visits and shared working environment with likeminded people help to give me a platform to begin my career.”

Isabel Kang

Isabel’s first impressions of the studio were excitement at the possibility of making work “in a space that is well lit, white, high ceilinged and robustly floored.” She plans to use the studio as often as possible to make work and begin to solidify her identity as an artist.

“The two year programme allows me to give myself a separate and dedicated space to making work helping introduce the idea of what that means to me as an artist not as a student or graduate making work in my bedroom.”