Acme Studios — #18 Stan Buglass, Associate Studio Programme

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#18 Stan Buglass, Associate Studio Programme

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“London has always been expensive but it’s even more tricky economically at the moment - and put that with graduating bachelors and starting your studio practice professionally, it’s certainly a hard ask. The award has been a great piece of solace.”

Stan Buglass is a sculptor and painter from South London whose practice is influenced by growing up in an industrial area, next to a landfill site. “A lot of my work comes from experiences I’ve had with this wasteland near my home where I become scavenger to strange and unknown retired shapes and objects.”

Stan is one of 25 artists selected from the Associate Studio Programme. Developed in 2010 out of a partnership between Acme and Double agents, a research project based at Central Saint Martins, the Associate Studio Programme provides low-cost professional space for graduates from University of the Arts BA Fine Art course for 2 years and a programme of studio visits by artists, curators, writers and peers.

“All young artists need the time and energy to develop a practice and understand what it is you’re making and then how to go about meeting gallerists. The Associate Studio Programme does all these things in the form of cheap studio rent and studio visits.”

Stan Buglass

Stan appreciates the programme giving him the time to just slow down and think about how to develop his practice in the right way.

“For those who aren’t as privileged as some, it’s super important to have opportunities like these. Overall, I think it’s really let me find my feet and helped me to progress to new things too.”