Acme Studios — Acme announces new Co-Directors Richard Kingsnorth and Lea O'Loughlin

Supporting Artists since 1972

Acme announces new Co-Directors Richard Kingsnorth and Lea O'Loughlin

11 January 2019

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Richard Kingsnorth and Lea O’Loughlin as new Co-Directors of Acme alongside founder and Co-Director David Panton OBE.

Founded in 1972, Acme supports the development and production of art by providing the time, space, financial support and other opportunities artists need, and this year will support over 700 individual artists across 16 buildings in Greater London.

Building on Acme’s heritage and strength as the largest affordable artist studio provider in England, this internal appointment provides an important level of continuity and stability for the organisation, ensuring artist support is kept at the heart of Acme’s activities, in line with its vision and core values.

Richard Kingsnorth joined the Acme in 1996 after renting an Acme studio at Carpenters Road. He has overseen Acme’s finances for 23 years, most recently as Head of Finance and Resources, and has extensive experience of all aspects of the organisation’s operations and financial and risk management of new developments.

Lea O’Loughlin joined Acme in 2008 as International Residencies Programme Manager, and is Head of Residencies and Awards. Lea has previously held roles at the Royal British Society of Sculptors, Tate and Adelaide Central Gallery, Australia, and is the President of the Board of Res Artis, the worldwide professional body for arts residencies.